Buy a photo booth! Start your photo booth business today!
Buy a photo booth! Start your photo booth business today!

About Us

Sentra Photo Booth is a group of engineers, innovators and also photo booth owners. We know first hand what it takes to get bookings and handle a successful event from start to finish. 

Mission Statement

Our mission is to manufacture high quality photo booths with the latest technology. To utilize our years of experience to help aspiring photo booth owners achieve success in the photo booth industry. 

Meet the Co-Founder


Hi, my name is Richard and Iā€™d like to tell you a little bit about myself. I grew up in a single parent household. My mother did the best she could to raise three boys but unfortunately that required her to work many long hard hours. We also moved around a lot and did not always live in the nicest of places. Once I became of age I decided to join the military so that I could afford to put myself through college. After the Navy, I attended California State University of Long Beach to pursue my dream of being a photographer. While working as a photographer I got introduced to the photo booth business.

I officially started my photo booth journey in 2014 when I got hired to work for a different photo booth company. I designed templates, assembled photo booths, shipped photo booths to various parts of the country and answered the customer service line. As time passed I decided to take my career to the next level by creating a photo booth company of my own.

Now I make my own schedule and can work from virtually anywhere. Having such a flexible agenda gives me the opportunity to help other people to succeed in ways they may have never imagined for themselves. For example, I have an amazing girlfriend who is the mother of the most awesome boy/girl fraternal twins. With this entrepreneur lifestyle I have the time to be there for all the little things and can give my family a life that neither my girlfriend nor I had growing up.

My goal for Sentra Photo Booth is to inspire others to want the same successful entrepreneur lifestyle that I have for themselves. Business owners of all sorts have been drawn to photo booths because we live in an era that is obsessed with taking pictures and such a device can add to the experience in almost any atmosphere. This is more than just a side hustle, it is how one gets themselves out of the predicament of needing a side hustle. So, for those of you reading this, I implore you to take a leap of faith just like I did.

Richard Nunez

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